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This section of the site displays a collection of crazy, funny, weird movies. Some made through X-Plane, some found on the net.


My Flight MOVIES

1 April 2009

Aloha Pilots and Friends, 

I made this "Flying in a Blue Dream" clip to show you a glimpse of my flight simulator world, and to practise video-editing. In fact this is my first attempt ever. This clip shows the Beech Starship 2000A, designed by Jason Chandler and Sydney scenery designed by MIKX in the flight simulator world of X-Plane 9. It is recorded on Ubuntu Linux, and the editing is done in Apple iMovie HD.

The flight itself is a short flight from Sydney runway 34L towards Bondi Beach, then a slight left turn to Manley with Sydney CBD on our left back to runway 16R.

Futher reading:
Starship 2000A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcra...

Starship 2000A X-Plane model: http://www.c74.net/xplane/

Sydney scenery for X-Plane: http://www.hatsuon.net/SydneyX-Plane9...

Soundtrack: "Flying in a Blue Dream" by Joe Satriani